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Category: reviews

Gmail Notifer x 2!

Here is a great article from 2008 that runs multiple Gmail Notifier apps for multiple Gmail accounts on OS X. I’m even using it on one regular Gmail account and one Google Apps account!

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Testing TextMate

So far I have been using TextMate in an attempt to make my life easier and more efficient on the Mac. It is overwhelming at first an not everything is where you think it is, for example, the preferences appear slim, but there is...

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MacZot makes me shop!

I’ve tried every day to resist visiting macZOT because when I do, I end up spending some cash. MacZOT has been making me purchase software that I never thought I would. The problem is, I love a good bargain (I probably get...

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Mac Timeline

Wikipedia has a Mac timeline that is sweet! You can view all of the Mac’s made since the beginning of Apple. Click the link and get the Wikipedia page for that model. It’s pretty neat!

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New web browser hits the market

Flock a sweet Firefox blend of online tools and addons alreast built it – blog tool (using it now), RSS reader/aggregator, favorites that sync with and more!  It is worth the download – available in Mac,...

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Opera is now free!

Now the browser wars will get hotter as Opera turns up the heat now that it has removed all banners and registration requirements. You can download it from their web site.

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50 Random Observations on Tiger

A great list of things to think about with regard to the release of Tiger. I am getting way too excited over this release, however, I am a bit nervous about upgrading the OS, since this is the first time I am upgrading my Mac...

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All About Safari

Apple-X net has a great tips/hints for safari in All About Safari there are a couple that I didn’t know already and a couple that confirmed what I found by accident 😉

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