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Tiger install

So far so good. I’m disappointed with the amount of time it took to ship, it left PA on Thursday afternoon and arived here on Monday at 1PM. I am installing it on my iBook first using the Archive/Install option. I am...

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Antivirus Software on a Mac?

Dan Knight over at Low End Mac, says there are some good reasons to have AV on your Mac, but don’t spend too much time/effort on it, just be prepared. A Few Good Reasons to Have...

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A new era

I ditched my maiblocks account today. With the uncertainty of the company since AOL purchased the mail system and the annual price of 24.95, I figured I could do it on my own with my own servers that I am already paying for. I...

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Potential Swichers

This article is from on what former Windows users need to know before they get ready to grab a new Mac-mini. Couldn’t have said it better...

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Mac snobs??

I have heard this used before…Mac snobs. It is true we are snobby because our computer can beat up your computer 🙂 No really. How many times do you hear Windows users saying that they love their PC? Mac users love using...

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From Tape to CD

In a recent MacWorld article you can use software on your Mac to easily copy your old tapes to CD. I have done it and it works well. I spent a little time on setup and then went and cleaned the basement while i was recording to...

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First Post

The firstpost is always a tough one. What to say, don’t sound stupid, but not too much on the first day either. Well,

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