MacZot makes me shop!

I’ve tried every day to resist visiting macZOT because when I do, I end up spending some cash.

MacZOT has been making me purchase software that I never thought I would. The problem is, I love a good bargain (I probably get that from my wife). Typically, I’ll buy software after much research and discussion, but with MacZot, I see the price and find myself wondering what just happened as if in a dream.

The next day I realize that I purchased a whole heap of software for only 15 dollars. The software has been worth more than the asking price ranging in 25-75% discounts on great Mac software. I grabbed something for 5.95 priced regularly at 9.95 and also got AppZapper for free thanks to bloggers. The list goes on and on of great things that can be had daily at macZOT.

Get to MacZot today and be prepare to have your wallet handy 🙂

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