I ditched my maiblocks account today. With the uncertainty of the company since AOL purchased the mail system and the annual price of 24.95, I figured I could do it on my own with my own servers that I am already paying for.

I bought a domain name for cheap and set up another virtual site on my server. I then create aliases using the Ensim Control Panel for things I want as temporary addresses and have created the same setup as mailblocks. I have then setup SpamSieve to grab the nasty stuff on my eMac 1.25GHz using the Apple Mail.app.

So far, I have been mailblocks free for two weeks and I’m not missing a thing. I can access my email using VNC when I am away from the home computer and the junk is going to the Spam folder. I guess I will have to pay for SpamSieve, though (I’m still in the trial period).