January 2005

A new era

I ditched my maiblocks account today. With the uncertainty of the company since AOL purchased the mail system and the annual price of 24.95, I figured I could do it on my own with my… Read More »A new era

The Mac mini: It comes apart

At MacCentral, they describe the RAM upgrade and how to remove the case carefully. It can be done after all. This is sweet, since Apple charges soo much for RAM Upgrades and such.

Potential Swichers

This article is from Macmove.com on what former Windows users need to know before they get ready to grab a new Mac-mini. Couldn’t have said it better myself…

Mac snobs??

I have heard this used before…Mac snobs. It is true we are snobby because our computer can beat up your computer 🙂 No really. How many times do you hear Windows users saying that they… Read More »Mac snobs??