Apple Watch 3

I really want to snag a new watch this year! I bought the original watch back two years ago by accident when my daughter bought a new phone. There was a deal on the trade-in for the old phone and there was a $100 discount. It couldn’t be resisted 🙂 Read More »Apple Watch 3

Bundles galore

It’s the season of Mac Bundles or so it would seem. MacUpdate has a 12 Mac app bundle for $49 featuring: TechTool Pro 6, TotalFinder, Postbox3, FontPack Pro Master, Labels & Addresses, MacDVDRipper Pro3, Back in Focus, Hear, iClip 5, Folder Synchronizer, and NeverWinter Nights 2. Read More »Bundles galore

Gmail Notifer x 2!

Here is a great article from 2008 that runs multiple Gmail Notifier apps for multiple Gmail accounts on OS X. I’m even using it on one regular Gmail account and one Google Apps account!