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Author: dennis

iLife '05 apps for the first time

From the Apple Discussion Board on iLife ’05 (which just shipped yesterday and came to me sent 2 day FedEx) I installed it, but haven’t played yet 🙂 These are some real important tips. Be sure, whatever order you use, to repair permissions after installiing iLife ’05. If you have issues with iDVD operating sluggishly, repair your iPhoto database /library- hold down the shift & option keys and start iPhoto and follow the dialogs…note it can take a considerable amount of time to complete. Ken Tidwell —- If you recently installed iLife software, it’s a good idea to open each application in the following order: iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, and then iDVD. Because these applications are integrated to browse and import files from each other’s media libraries, this ensures that you will be viewing the most up-to-date versions of your Music Library, Photo Library, and Movies Folder no matter what application you’re...

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Potential Swichers

This article is from on what former Windows users need to know before they get ready to grab a new Mac-mini. Couldn’t have said it better...

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Mac snobs??

I have heard this used before…Mac snobs. It is true we are snobby because our computer can beat up your computer 🙂 No really. How many times do you hear Windows users saying that they love their PC? Mac users love using their computers over and over again. Myself included. I now use my Mac to work with photos using iPhoto and Photoshop Elements, created a DVD and have made a number of nutty songs on Garage band. All things I wanted to do with my PC, but to no avail. I just love this...

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From Tape to CD

In a recent MacWorld article you can use software on your Mac to easily copy your old tapes to CD. I have done it and it works well. I spent a little time on setup and then went and cleaned the basement while i was recording to the Mac and then plunked it to my iPod. Pretty Sweet...

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Mac mini: What You Need to Know

MacWorld has a pre-review review of the New Mac-mini. They mention that the standard RAM is 256 MB and it can be easily opened to upgrade. Although I did read that this is not too easy, it should be…. Apple is charging $300 for 1GB of RAM, which is a bit...

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