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Author: dennis

Opera is now free!

Now the browser wars will get hotter as Opera turns up the heat now that it has removed all banners and registration requirements. You can download it from their web...

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Tiger install

So far so good. I’m disappointed with the amount of time it took to ship, it left PA on Thursday afternoon and arived here on Monday at 1PM. I am installing it on my iBook first using the Archive/Install option. I am hoping this will save trouble…more to come. EDIT: At 1:30 I was staring at Tiger. It worked without a hitch. This is amazing. I went a little farther with the eMac however. I did an arhive/install and it worked fine, but I backed it up first using...

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Some good ideas: "Housecleaning Tips for Tiger" has a good article on getting ready for Tiger, which I may not get to use until Monday 🙁 But I have already used SuperDuper to make a clone of the drive (worth the $20 in my opinion). I can boot off the FireWire drive if necessary. I am looking forward to this release, but am like others sort of skeptical, since this is the first major OS upgrade to my...

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