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Author: dennis

Testing TextMate

So far I have been using TextMate in an attempt to make my life easier and more efficient on the Mac. It is overwhelming at first an not everything is where you think it is, for example, the preferences appear slim, but there is a lot to customize if you want to. I really enjoy the themes and the downloadable themes make colorizing the windows easy. There are many plugins and you need to get familiar with Subversion to install the plugins (called Bundles). It is one of those “wares” that need time to work on you, time to get settled into your routine and then it will be indispensable, I’m sure of that. Line numbering (a necessity) is in the gutter area and not in the actual text file as some editors do, color coding via themes (mentioned above) is fabulous and VERY customizable. TextMate can be setup to work with your blog to post and edit entries within TextMate. It costs about $50 US and will most likely end up in my “Mac...

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MacZot makes me shop!

I’ve tried every day to resist visiting macZOT because when I do, I end up spending some cash. MacZOT has been making me purchase software that I never thought I would. The problem is, I love a good bargain (I probably get that from my wife). Typically, I’ll buy software after much research and discussion, but with MacZot, I see the price and find myself wondering what just happened as if in a dream. The next day I realize that I purchased a whole heap of software for only 15 dollars. The software has been worth more than the asking price ranging in 25-75% discounts on great Mac software. I grabbed something for 5.95 priced regularly at 9.95 and also got AppZapper for free thanks to bloggers. The list goes on and on of great things that can be had daily at macZOT. Get to MacZot today and be prepare to have your wallet handy...

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Mac Timeline

Wikipedia has a Mac timeline that is sweet! You can view all of the Mac’s made since the beginning of Apple. Click the link and get the Wikipedia page for that model. It’s pretty...

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Rosa Parks and Apple

What is all the hub-bub about? The tribute on the Apple home page is very cool! I think associating the “Think Different” logo with her is a nice tribute. She was a different thinker as well as a different “do-er”. In addition, there is a real nice write-up on her life. Way to go...

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New web browser hits the market

Flock a sweet Firefox blend of online tools and addons alreast built it – blog tool (using it now), RSS reader/aggregator, favorites that sync with and more!  It is worth the download – available in Mac, Linux and...

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