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Author: dennis

Apple Watch 3

I really want to snag a new watch this year! I bought the original watch back two years ago by accident when my daughter bought a new phone. There was a deal on the trade-in for the old phone and there was a $100 discount. It couldn’t be resisted 🙂  This time around, I just want to get the new features Built-in GPS and GLONASS Faster dual-core processor W2 chip Barometric altimeter Capacity 16GB1 Heart rate sensor Accelerometer and gyroscope Water resistant 50 meters2 Ion-X strengthened glass Ceramic back Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz) Bluetooth 4.2 Up to 18 hours of...

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Total Finder review

TotalFinder by Binaryage, is a plugin to the Apple Finder and adds Tabs, Side-by-Side Finder windows and convenient access (key driven) to Finder in any application. I found TotalFinder in the MU Promo bundle and didn’t need the other software, so I grabbed it from the dev’s site.  I use Finder a lot and will be making good use of the tabbed windows.  The key access driven “visor” as it is called makes Finder available all the time with a press of a keyboard key.  TF is compatible with OSX Lion.  It may not seem like a necessity, but once...

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Bundles galore

It’s the season of Mac Bundles or so it would seem. MacUpdate has a 12 Mac app bundle for $49 featuring: TechTool Pro 6, TotalFinder, Postbox3, FontPack Pro Master, Labels & Addresses, MacDVDRipper Pro3, Back in Focus, Hear, iClip 5, Folder Synchronizer, and NeverWinter Nights 2.  My thoughts: TechTool may be worth it alone, but PostBox3 isn’t different enough for me from Mail to change. TotalFinder was buggy under Snow Leopard and hopefully is better now. I already own MacDVD Ripper and find it useful. Back in Focus looks interesting (and feedback is good), but never heard of it prior to this deal. I have no use for iClip 5 since I use Keyboard Maestro for clippings. Hear didn’t sound good to me using my Bose speakers, but on MacBook Air speakers showed improvement. The rest of the bundle seems okay if you don’t have those apps. Your mileage may...

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Gmail Notifer x 2!

Here is a great article from 2008 that runs multiple Gmail Notifier apps for multiple Gmail accounts on OS X. I’m even using it on one regular Gmail account and one Google Apps...

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Journler-the new way to get organized?

Lately I have been trying to get organized since it is summer and I have a little more time to do so. In a recent post on TUAW there was a discussion about cleaning up the clutter, (of which I have both digital and analog, i.e. my house). So I went and grabbed Journler since the discussion on TUAW went that way. I’m still trying to put my finger on how to make it work for me. So far I can get stuff in and find it pretty quick, but I haven’t really tested it to it’s full capacity. It is donationware and if the software proves to be what it seems to be promising, then it may be worth donating, which I will do! More in the next few days while I press it to the limit of it’s capability...

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