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Month: January 2005

From Tape to CD

In a recent MacWorld article you can use software on your Mac to easily copy your old tapes to CD. I have done it and it works well. I spent a little time on setup and then went and cleaned the basement while i was recording to the Mac and then plunked it to my iPod. Pretty Sweet...

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Mac mini: What You Need to Know

MacWorld has a pre-review review of the New Mac-mini. They mention that the standard RAM is 256 MB and it can be easily opened to upgrade. Although I did read that this is not too easy, it should be…. Apple is charging $300 for 1GB of RAM, which is a bit...

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Grim Macintosh Market Share Forebodes Crises

I don’t know if many Mac users read PC Mag, but their columnist John Dvorak is attempting to waves in the Apple community with some staggering (read stupid) comments about how Apple will die because it is too easy to use and costs too much. Having switched 9 months ago, I disagree with his philosophy. I am willing to pay for stability, virus-free, a great looking and functioning computer. I tell as many people as I can about the Mac and how over time, it does not cost as much money. Let Dvorak know what you think in the PCMag forums after reading this...

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