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Month: January 2005

A new era

I ditched my maiblocks account today. With the uncertainty of the company since AOL purchased the mail system and the annual price of 24.95, I figured I could do it on my own with my own servers that I am already paying for. I bought a domain name for cheap and set up another virtual site on my server. I then create aliases using the Ensim Control Panel for things I want as temporary addresses and have created the same setup as mailblocks. I have then setup SpamSieve to grab the nasty stuff on my eMac 1.25GHz using the Apple So far, I have been mailblocks free for two weeks and I’m not missing a thing. I can access my email using VNC when I am away from the home computer and the junk is going to the Spam folder. I guess I will have to pay for SpamSieve, though (I’m still in the trial...

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The Mac mini: It comes apart

At MacCentral, they describe the RAM upgrade and how to remove the case carefully. It can be done after all. This is sweet, since Apple charges soo much for RAM Upgrades and...

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iLife '05 apps for the first time

From the Apple Discussion Board on iLife ’05 (which just shipped yesterday and came to me sent 2 day FedEx) I installed it, but haven’t played yet 🙂 These are some real important tips. Be sure, whatever order you use, to repair permissions after installiing iLife ’05. If you have issues with iDVD operating sluggishly, repair your iPhoto database /library- hold down the shift & option keys and start iPhoto and follow the dialogs…note it can take a considerable amount of time to complete. Ken Tidwell —- If you recently installed iLife software, it’s a good idea to open each application in the following order: iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, and then iDVD. Because these applications are integrated to browse and import files from each other’s media libraries, this ensures that you will be viewing the most up-to-date versions of your Music Library, Photo Library, and Movies Folder no matter what application you’re...

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Potential Swichers

This article is from on what former Windows users need to know before they get ready to grab a new Mac-mini. Couldn’t have said it better...

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Mac snobs??

I have heard this used before…Mac snobs. It is true we are snobby because our computer can beat up your computer 🙂 No really. How many times do you hear Windows users saying that they love their PC? Mac users love using their computers over and over again. Myself included. I now use my Mac to work with photos using iPhoto and Photoshop Elements, created a DVD and have made a number of nutty songs on Garage band. All things I wanted to do with my PC, but to no avail. I just love this...

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